Josh - Cofounder


I dislike it when people define themselves by their day job. It is not really who you are, but what you do for money. For many years I have done Desktop Support as a career. That all changed though when I found that I was just unhappy doing what I was doing. Then luckily for me the company I was working for went out of business. So it's time to go into business for myself and live a life free of a 9-5 grind.

Instead of doing that normal thing I started this site where I can do all of the things I love to do. I've always loved learning and more recently finding out about and visiting new places in the world. I've  had bunch of physical things before now I want to have knowledge and experiences to collect. So I'm doing that and sharing them here with you in the form of pictures and videos along with posts about what I find.

Gennai - Cofounder


Gennai spent most of her life denying that she was born to be a writer. She tried several other careers while she was in denial including special education, retail, finance, massage therapy, and long term care management. Traveling with Josh and Clara sparked her interest in writing again. So one day, Gennai sat down to write and the words poured out of her onto the page.  And she kept writing until she finished her first book.

Gennai is an outspoken advocate for people in need. Her boundary-pushing book, “Dementia Help: Finding the Right Memory Care for Your Loved One”, is an insider’s guide to how assisted livings really run, how to find a good one, why the long term care industry needs standardized training, and how direct care workers are mistreated by the industry.

When she’s not writing, Gennai is probably reading, playing tabletop games with Josh, playing fetch with Clara, or photographing the fantastic places they travel to.




My Mom and Dad are probably going to lie to you and say they are in charge of this site. I'm guessing you are smart enough to know thats not the case. This whole thing was my idea so I could spend my days hanging out with my family and going walks and to the dog park. Because lets face it the day isn't complete unless there is a good game of fetch or some wrestling in it. Occasionally a little bit of "bitty face" for good measure.

Anyway, you should know that unlike most dogs I'm already a good traveler. I've been to 7 states already all by car. I've hiked mountains and part of the rim of the grand Canyon. I've slept in a tent and been a high roller at a casino in Vegas. Just wait though I'm ready for more adventures. I'll get my gullible dad to take pictures of it all for you.