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The History of Los Alamos, CA

I know threw for a loop there with the page title right. I know it may  be strange but there is such great history all over and we are always discovering it as we travel so I want to start sharing some of it with you. It is especially good here because of what I found about the area of where Los Alamos is. Lets start a ways back in history though and bring it forward to the good stuff from there.

Alta California
Map of Alta California and Santa Fe de Nuevo Mexico Territories as part of Mexico.
Source of Map: http://ospace.otis.edu/francis_almend_rez/Final_Paper1

So lets start by going back to 1769. When all of California, Nevada, and Utah along with parts of what is now Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming became part of new Spain after the Mexican war of independence. The area was called Alta California. The capital of this large state was in Monterey. This is all important because Neither Spain or Mexico really colonized the area past the coast area. So if you are looking for that it is in California in what is today The Santa Barbara area. That little jog in the state where it starts cutting in as it heads towards Mexico.

Okay so why do we care about this? Because it helps there become Spanish Ranking officials in charge of forts and protecting areas all along this area. These people eventually become called Californios. Which translates into Californians. These people though are the early settlers of California and the towns of today come from many of them being provided with what the time was called Ranchos. So for Los Alamos and much of the area in central coast we are concerned with a man named José de la Guerra y Noriega.

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  1. Did we just find the Secret Lair of Zorro?
  2. The History of Los Alamos, CA
  3. About José de la Guerra
  4. Speculative History

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