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Speculative History

It is with that Family until a few San Fransisco financiers but the acreage in 1876 and setup a town square in what is now the current day Los Alamos.

Okay so the next part can’t be confirmed and is not at all relevant to the shops or people living in the city today. However, I thought some coincidental information is very cool and I like to think about it while I’m there and enjoying food or a glass of local wine.

The Curse of Capistrano
Zorro’s first adventure. Photo from goodreads.com

Many of you will know the name of Zorro as a popular series of movies with Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones. While if that is as far as you know I commend you on that. The story of Zorro goes back much further than that. In fact the character has his origin starting somewhere around 1919 when it was first written by Johnston McCulley. In the stories it is said Zorro is in What is now Los Angeles. All this of course being during the Spanish rule of Alta California.

In my research though I found the name of a bandit leader by the name of Salomon Pico. Whose cousin was Pío Pico the Governor of Alta California from 1845 – 1846. Another very interesting person, but we will dive into him later. Anyways getting back to Salomon.

After some unknown event happened during a gold rush on his cousins land Salmon’s wife is dead and Salomon has said to have vowed vengeance. It is said that he avoids the gold fields and becomes a stock dealer by day. Mostly dealing with horses and cattle. Then by night his bandits would take to the El Camino Real area and ambush the men traveling there between the north and south. It is apparently been said many would travel south and after reaching what is modern day  San Luis Obispo. Men where commonly never heard from again and large numbers of human skulls were found with bullet holes in them.

So the story goes that this part of what the story of Zorro was based which could be true, but also possible not as well. However the gang of Salomon Pico was said to hide out in the hills above Rancho Los Alamos. Which is as I said also kind of cool to think about if you wish as you enjoy the town.

A side note here that I thought was cool and could lead to at least originator of Zorro doing his research was that our old friend de la Guerra. The ancestry of the name was that it was changed at one point. During the Moorish wars in Spain an ancestor of José de la Guerra was a commander of a Spanish fortress. Don Juan de la Vega led a charge from his fortress. That charge led to the end of the moors and the reunification of Spain.

So it is said that King Ferdinand I summoned him to court and there he was reprimanded for breaking the law of starting the battle. However, he was then ordered to kneel and was nighted. Which is when the name of de la Vega was changed to de la Guerra. Meaning of the War in Spanish. Important if you know your Zorro, and that by day Zorro is known as Don Diego de la Vega. If this was intentional or all just speculation I don’t know. I think it’s a cool little history either way.

So next time we start diving into the modern day town and what you should do when you get there, and where you should stay while there.

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  4. Speculative History

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