Josh's Favorite Gear

You can't run around the world and enjoy it all with a few things to make it enjoyable. We are still trying to keep the things down to a minimum. However it is becoming a lesson even for me in learning what is the least amount of things needed to live in this world. Which is a new thing for me as I was for a long time the guy that needed the new tech all of the time to make sure I could stay up to date on what was happening. Leaving the technician role behind has let see that isn't the case. Now I'm learning all about seeing how far I can push the way I do things with what I have. Which is helping me push my creativity in new ways. So below is a few of the categories and things I'm using to help me achieve this minimal lifestyle, and why I like it. I've also included links so that you can get the same gear yourself.

Business and Memories

To do what we do I need tools to make this site and also conveniently I like having gear to record these memories. Since they align I get use both for the same thing. Lucky me and luckily for you I'm sharing my favorites here.

I know that there can be out cries and people take sides all the time when it comes to computers. Ultimately it comes down to this. Use what you like and feel comfortable doing. It is just a tool and you need to be able to use that tool affectively. For me it will always be on a mac that I find that.

I have been rocking a 15" MacBook Pro for a long time now. It just makes life easy on me. While mine is older now it will not to be upgraded for a bit still. I believe that no matter what though you always need a mouse and an extra power adapter.

Mobile devices are key to being out on the go. They make communication and all other kinds of things easy to access. It's hard to relax with a laptop while lounging in a hammock. But with a tablet, phone, or ebook reader it is much more enjoyable. Regardless these are the ones I like because they save space and work with the rest of my electronic gear.

Okay so when it comes to cameras I have mixed feelings. This model is the one I have and use. I don't have huge hands so I love the smaller form factor. I've also used a crop sensor camera like this for a long time. I'll cover more about camera sensors in another post. Just know it doesn't take an image the same size a 35mm film does. However, This camera at this price gets you into an interchangeable lens camera that will get you going and you can learn on. Which to me is the important thing. As many photographers say just get a camera and learn it inside and out so you can take the images you want and not mess with settings all the time.

So once you have a camera like the one above then what? Well the great part is you can use that lens. Which is called a Kit lens or expand. Just know that if you go Canon or some other brand that most lenses are made for high-end cameras that have a sensor to take the pictures that is larger. Luckily companies make sense for crop sensor cameras as well. Here are two i think you will enjoy taking images with. Just don't think you will need to buy them all at the same time.

First is this 28mm lens. On the camera like I have it shoots like a 50mm which makes it perfect for wide angle shots and can be used indoors and at night with no worry. It's expensive but hard to beat.

Then is my all time favorite the 100mm. I love this lens and if you look at my work and like how sometimes I get a nice focus on one element and a blurry background it is from these two prime lenses.You have no zoom other than your feet. You have to move around that is what I like it makes you see the world slightly different.


I like bags and boxes to keep things together and organized. So I'm going to share few items that I use to my gear organized so I know quickly what to pack when heading out. This is my favorite stuff but you should share your ideas with me too because I'm always up for new ideas.

For me backpacks are always preferred to messenger bags and shoulder bags. I've done the others before, and it only ever leads to me having sore shoulders or an aching back. You know you will always have too much stuff so just do yourself a favor and go with two straps.

That said for clothing I love the North Face Cobra 60 pack I have. It fits all my clothes and some gear if I'm going to one bag it on the plane. Or fits all my clothes and most of Gennai's if needed. It really is versatile. Find something that is comfortable to you in a similar capacity.

For everyday wear I think there is no better choice than a Mission Workshop pack. Made for bicycle messengers in San Fransisco. These packs are Rain proof and thats perfect for my electronics and snacks. Plus they expand! Two bags in one.

I also have a Mountain hardware bag that is solely for hiking. It keeps my hiking essentials and that is it. I just have to grab the bag and throw water and fresh trail snacks in it and I'm off.

I fit so many clothes and have them all organized by having more than a few of these. We color code. My cubes are my signature Orange and Gennai gets her favorite blue. Which only lets us know whose clothes are in the bag. If you haven't tried these yet then get some. Even jackets and rain clothes in my hiking bag are in these things. Excessive I think not.

So with all of my electronic gear and having the cables and adapters that go with me I love this set of stuff from Rough Enough to organize. Again I color code through bags so I use one color for computer gear and one color photo gear and if need be one for audio gear as well.