Why I tried BorrowLenses and the Canon M3

I’ve been a casual photographer for some time now. I like going out and doing a walk or shoot while hiking. That is all changing though as I’m taking more and more as Gennai and travel around. So the time is here to up the game a bit. Enter Borrowlenses and their service.

A need is Arising

If you have checked out my gear page at all you know that my camera kit is actually very small. I hope to keep it as small as possible too. The more you have the more weight you have to lug around with you on trips.You wouldn’t think so but the amount of glass in some of these lenses is amazing.

Coming back around to the new needs I’m coming across. I have focused on very small needs up till for lenses. I’m finding it hard to always capture exactly what I want with some of the gear I do have. I love my 100mm Prime lens. At the same time the 28mm is  great for getting more of the picture and around the streets. So there are problems I need to solve. The thing is I don’t know exactly which lenses or camera body I need for doing travel and the kind of photography I will be doings part of my profession. I can’t afford to just waste money buying the wrong thing.

Testing Borrowlenses

I hadn’t yet tried the Borrowlenses service for myself. My brother and few other professionals I know have in the past and I knew that the money was worth it to do some testing of a materials. So to the web it was for me. The hard part then showed it’s ugly head.

The problem was I became a kid in a candy shop. I wanted it all to be sent to me so I can play with everything. Gennai was needed to come in and help with calming me down and keeping me focused to narrow down  my choice to one item to test. Recently I have been having some issues personally with taking crowd shots and being aware of the sound my camera makes when the mirror is moved.

The Canon M3 arrives

Not going to lie to you here I was extremely excited when when my choice of the Canon  M3 arrived. You would have thought it was Christmas day. I think I spent more time looking out the window than Clara. It arrived though and the fun part started. I made sure the battery was good and charged and then went to town.

I tested the camera over the course of 7 days. My final thoughts on it are I want one. Not all of it was the way I like to work and there are some things that would need to be addressed. However the noiseless operation of the mirrorless body, and it’s lightness make up for that. I need to test more and find the best one for me. The M3 though was great for testing this new style of camera.

Final Thoughts on Borrowlenses

In the packet that came with my order there is a sticker. It is the Borrowlenses logo, and on the back it says to tag them on social media with #stuckonbl. Let me tell you after going through and testing the service for myself I am that exactly. I loved the process and that I can do things like get a delivery at a ups location anywhere and drop it off anywhere.

For me doing travel photography I can now setup rentals in specific locations and drop it off while on the road. I wish some of the higher end stuff was in my price range a bit more. In the end though that is a small complaint. The service is great and I love the use of it. I would recommend that even if you are thinking of getting your first camera. Spend the money to test one for a few days. You will be glad you did.

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