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Pick your place to lay your head

I would suggest that when planning your trip through Los Alamos you do plenty of research on places to stay. It is always hard in places to predict everyones budget. For this one I want to start out with a recommendation for you if you want your stay to be a truly one of a kind experience.

Far from normal

If you are spending a quick stint of a few nights in Los Alamos, and want it to be the kind of thing you tell about for years at dinner parties. Then you need to do yourself a favor right off the bat and know that you have to pick a theme and then a weekend. Because the only place for you to stay is at The Victorian Mansion. I know it will be tempting to click this link to the site, but wait for a second. This place looks like an ordinary victorian house on the outside. I mean look at it there in the photo. However inside it boasts a mind blowing six theme choice of rooms.

Always wanted to live a weekend like a gypsy? They can do that. Want to re-live the 50’s and a drive-in? Done. Egyptian royalty, or maybe a Parisian? Yep they can do both of those. Maybe just a trip on the high seas as a pirate? Nope you have that look of the roman empire in your eye. Seriously these rooms are crazy cool. While it wasn’t in our budget to stay here it is at least talked about by most travelers to the town at some point during your stay. Room rates are pricey here. Think around $250 a night. Like I said though this will be a place you won’t likely forget. If you don’t believe me then go ahead and click that link now.

Going Old School

If you fancy a different kind of unique experience, or one that is maybe a bit super to the natural setting. Then my research says that you may want to lay your head down on a pillow at the 1880 Union Hotel.

I can’t confirm ghost there in any way shape or form. I can only say that some reviews of the place say it might be haunted. Who knows if it is or not. What I can say is that it boasts an attached Saloon which we will get to in the what to eat section. The garden in the back of the hotel is amazing as well. Looking for a cool and unique wedding spot? This screams take a look at us. I couldn’t get hold of anyone to ask about the pricing for something like that. The place is primed for gathering friends and family though from the details on the site. You could be in the same room as many famous people that have stayed there though. Check it out for yourself right over here at 1880union.com.

For the Road Worthy

Now the last two have been good choice undoubtedly. You can easily stay there and enjoy a weekend. What about if you are like us. Have a pup, and need to have the option to cook for the road too. Well we didn’t forget that option either, and love the spot we found for that even more than both of the others.

Right of the center of town in the opposite direction of the other two spots above is a place called The Alamo Motel. We have this spot planned in on a few trips as we head up and down the coast. The manager I met up with Ann was amazing. She showed me around the motel and gave a lot of information about what they have in store this summer too.

The rooms are simply decorated. Which is fine because it leads to you being able to just enjoy the space and more importantly the other features of the motel. Sure you might not need a room with a kitchen. Which is fine because then you get a room with a magnificent claw foot tub to soak in. Always good after a long road trip. Or maybe you need the suit with two beds and a kitchen but also has one bed in a separate room so you don’t have to see the kids for a bit.

However it is everything else that I love about the site of the motel that makes it even better. First lets go right there to the pets. They have a flat $20 fee and no weight restriction on dogs. Which is unheard of at motels. That means even that Great Dane is welcome here. Also i made a note that while showing me around not only did Ann know the couple checking out was good to go and had a pup, but she even remembered the dogs name. Then as you explore there is a horseshoe pit off to one side of the motel and plenty of benches and green space. They also have dog bag boxes going up as I was there to help you clean up after them. So very dog friendly. Which gets high marks from us.

Then you have the even better stuff for you. They have a fire pit that sounds like it is open and lit by people staying there most nights. and the seats are in a ring so it promotes making friends and socializing. Oh you need help with that part? They have you covered there too. The Muni on site is a wine tasting room that is open evening from Thursday thru Sunday. There is even an on-site grill you can use and share with the neighbors. The central social area is decked out with lights on a timer as well that makes the scene just fantastic at night. You add in that fantastic old neon sign and it’s not hard to see why we like it so much.

This summer though you should be aware that they have a bunch of things going on like a pet adoption day in May. Will have pets, music, and BBQ. I was also told that as it warms up movies in the common area are being planned. Always a fun time for that as well. So you should head over to rememberthealamomotel.com and book your room right now. Also hit us up on social media as we will be sharing the events they have there as we hear about them.

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