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Let’s Wine and Dine

So it’s only half the battle if you have a place to stay. You have to have some of that good old sustaining food and drink to keep you going too. Los Alamos I will say if you have food allergies like Gennai is a tough one. Not everyplace has stuff for her. Which makes it difficult to dine there. However, the choices are stellar in this little place. There should be little reason for you to have to rely on the market in the center square. In fact if you can avoid it then I suggest you do. The prices are high and there are better things in this town to spend your money on.

Red, White, and Delicious

So lets just go with the good stuff first. For me there is one place to hit for sure. However, there 4 tasting rooms in Los Alamos for some delicious wine. Thats just the dedicated ones. Most of the restaurants also have a selection of local wines from the area too. So make sure if you like good wine and are planning on eating you get room first. That way you can walk back to the room. Safety first people no drinking and driving.

First off if you take my suggestion of the Alamo Motel then right on site is the Municipal Winemakers┬átasting room. Seriously this place is just a few steps from the fire pit and not that far from your room. They have a wide variety of wine as well and knowledgable staff too. Very friendly place that you can’t go wrong with even if you aren’t staying at the motel.

Second up is the Bedford Winery. Right across from the Muni tasting room is Bedford. One of the few to always be open these wines are delicious. Plus the dog that is on site is very friendly. Clara approved and just wanted to play. The wine maker is on site of the time as he is that kind of guy and loves the wine. You can tell in just a few minutes of talking to him about the wines they produce.

If you want to get out of town just a bit I also recommend Hitting up Martian Ranch and Vineyard. They Work with people in places like France, Austria, and other parts of California. The goal is to have this one location in Los Alamos and make wine taste it’s absolute best. By using the science and knowledge from all over to do it. It is a beautiful place to visit and spend some time just tasting wine.

Last up for our wine exploration is Casa Dumetz. This place is amazing for so much more than wine. Attached is a beer tasting room, and an amazing taco place.

You can even sit in the wine tasting room and then get your food brought to you there. Not only that I have never had a bad experience at Casa Dumetz. Whether it was owner Soja pouring the wines or the others that work there. You know they enjoy doing this stuff. They will remember you if you show up more than once and engage with them. Plus the wine club is totally worth it here. They do some high class wines at this place and the whole experience is one you will keep coming back for. I met a couple there that makes it their monthly get away from the bustling life of L.A. life. Which sounded like a good call to us.

Explorations in local flavors

There are flavors gator in this little city. So many more than I have been able to explore in my short time. That being said though I can make a few recommendations on what you should try.

If you have a variety in tastes with you like kiddos. Just want a great outside eatery or something budget friendly. Then you should hit up Charlie’s at the West end of town. From mexican to burgers and most things in-between this place has some serious eats. It is a place that always come up when talking to the locals as well. So you know if they eat there it must be a good place to try for yourself. They aren’t lying either. The food is very good.

If you are enjoying wine and needs some food. Then I really do encourage you to hit up Valle Fresh. Conrad and his crew are brewing up some serious magic over there and you can smell it when the smoker is out at mid day cooking up some tasty bites for the evening crowd. Using and specializing in locally sourced ingredients the food not only speaks to the area, but to your taste buds as well. It makes mine scream in delight. Not a bad thing at all. Try the Brussel Sprouts for sure if you can. They are sweet and delicious. Not what you would think of if you don’t like these little morsels of joy.

If you need an up scale place to hang out and enjoy a fancy dinner then My suggestions to hit up Pico at the General store. Much Like Valle Fresh this place is trying to expand on the local flavor by showing you all of what the local farmers have to offer. There is no frozen remade in a place like this. So you pay more and get that back in quality. Reservations are ideal if you know you are going to be in town and want a spot.

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