Where to Stay and What to do in Los Alamos (page 4)

TREASURE hunting in the hills

I know you will want be doing something other than just eat and drink. Maybe you want to bring the Family out here for a getaway. Well there is a few things I can suggest.

The local park is full of good stuff. Volleyball, horseshoe, and Baseball fields all available in addition to a swing set and playground. They have filtered water on site at the bathrooms. You can rent out a section with tables and one of the small or huge fire pit grills. If you are into that low slow BBQ scene and need to feed an army of people.  Plus the larger areas have dedicated tables for prep and serving, and onsite water for cleaning. Plus the scenery is good as well.

If you are into old things or digging through piles of stuff to find treasures there are a few antique shops in the town. As well as some art studios popping up there too. Gennai and I got lost for more than a couple of hours  in the Antique mall and probably could have spent too much money and a few more hours looking through everything.

On top of that there is stuff going on all the time on the weekends at the places above. We have caught a couple of Sonja’s speaker series at Casa Dumetz. There is always something good that is being discussed. It’s a great intimate atmosphere to not only learn something new, but make a few friends.

Really no matter what you like to do you can probably find a good way to do it in Los Alamos. It is a town building itself to be a place that will get you wound down and relaxed. No matter if it is your final destination or just a reprise from the road between North and South California. You really should add this to your travel list and get yourself and loved one(s) here to see yourself. Maybe you will even see that black masked man on the hill too.

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  1. Where to Stay and What to do in Los Alamos
  2. Pick your place to lay your head
  3. Let's Wine and Dine
  4. TREASURE hunting in the hills

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